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9 Best Long Distance Running shoes (Marathon Shoes)

What Are Long-Distance Running Shoes? As their name implies, long-distance running shoes are made for those of you who rack-up high-mileage on your runs. If you are someone looking into going the distance as a newbie, or already in love with running miles on end, you’ll know that when you’re a long-distance runner, you’ll need the best marathon shoes to keep you going. Not only are you asking your shoes to take a beating of near-endless miles, but long-distance runners demand fine-tuned cushioning on pavement, firmness for support during every single push-off, and durability to withstand it all for multiple sessions and marathons. Long-distance running is a worthy grind that is great for your health, psyche,...
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10 Best Shoes for Heel Spurs: Reviewed for 2022

What are Heel Spurs? A heel spur is a calcium deposit on our foot that creates a bony spur-like protrusion on the underside of our heel bone (the Calcaneus). Despite often being painless, they can unsurprisingly cause pain in the general heel area of our feet. One such issue caused is the painful inflammation of the connective tissue that runs along our foot, from the heel up to the ball. This is an unfortunately common problem for avid long-time runners. Causes of Heel Spurs It is totally possible you unknowingly have heel spurs as sometimes there simply are no symptoms, but often enough heel spurs are associated with intermittent or chronic pain in...
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10 Best Wrestling Shoes: Reviewed for 2022

Types of Wrestling Shoes If you’re looking to get the best wrestling shoes for yourself, it helps to know what options exist out there, as well as what makes each one unique. Here are the types of wrestling shoes you could find yourself wearing: Split Sole Wrestling Shoes These shoes are meant to be extremely comfortable, and as the name implies - the sole of the shoe has a split right at the bottom. The separated part is typically made of a rubber compound, and the reason it is so preferred by many is how it successfully mimics the feeling of being barefoot perfectly. The segmented rubber definitely helps...
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9 Best Weightlifting Shoes and Squat Shoes for 2022

What are weightlifting, training, and powerlifting? Weightlifting is typically used to refer to weight training, colloquially, but weightlifting can also be referring to Olympic weightlifting. Powerlifting only refers to itself, so it is a bit less confusing. To be clear, weight training is lifting weights to increase your strength, endurance, and muscle mass. Technically both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting can be forms of weight training, depending on your goals. In the end, weight training simply refers to increasing strength through the use of heavier weights. Olympic weightlifting consists of two types of lifts: snatch, and the clean and jerk. The snatch lift uses the legs to begin the lift and gain momentum, and shifting it to...

10 Best Running Shoes for Supination (Underpronation)

Editor's Note: We have updated this article to include the latest shoes for the year 2022. Our review is the culmination of 40 hours of research and 53 different shoes tested during a 2-month period. We have also taken into consideration the reviews and ratings from other runners. What is Supination? Supination (also known as underpronation) is a condition of the foot where it excessively rolls outwards at the ankle. This results in excessive weight being placed on the outside of the foot. It makes running difficult and often painful. This is why you need the best running shoes for supination to help prevent this pain and discomfort.
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5 Best Metatarsal Pads for Ball of Foot Pain

What Are Metatarsal Pads? Metatarsal pads are cushion pads placed inside shoes to relieve the pressure from the foot's metatarsal heads. They are positioned under the ball of your feet to keep the metatarsal heads cradled and cushioned. With the right placement inside of your footwear, metatarsal pads help lengthen the tissue on the top of your foot, thereby off-loading pressure typically placed on the ball of the foot via proper toe alignment. If you exercise heavily or work a lot on your feet, these are probably a good thing to implement into your soles to improve your foot's overall health - a common issue that may obstruct you over time.
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9 Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain in 2022

What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is the condition that causes a stabbing pain in the heel area which usually occurs in the morning. This condition is quite common and is caused due to the inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot connecting the heel bone to the toes.  Plantar fasciitis usually worsens with excessive use especially if you’re a runner or work on your feet for long hours. It is also prevalent among people who are overweight. Sometimes, wearing the wrong type of footwear can also aggravate or cause plantar fasciitis. This is why proper plantar fasciitis shoes are important to alleviate and minimize this condition.
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8 Best Casual Shoes to Complete the Perfect Look

What shoes go with everything for men? When it comes to picking the right pair of shoes for a man, the answer can be deceptively simple: considering what else you’re wearing with it. It may be difficult when you think to yourself what shoes work best for a given event when you think of them in a vacuum, but when you take into account what you’re comfortable with everything else you're wearing (the shirt, pants, and accessories), you can easily determine what shoes make the most sense with that particular outfit. For example, you’d probably not find that canvas sneakers ‘match’ a two-piece suit, as you wouldn’t find a pair...

12 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet in 2022

Flat Feet: What are they? Simply put, flat feet are the condition where a person has little to no arch in their feet. Typically the human foot has a noticeable arch that raises parallel to the ground, serving a very specific function - distribution of body weight across one’s feet and legs, and giving us a “spring in our step”. Our foot arches have to be flexible, in order to be malleable to ever-changing environments we traverse. Whether you are hiking up steep mountains, walking to the kitchen, or playing basketball, our feet need the right kind of support to not only prevent stress on the rest of the leg but also to help us...

This Map Shows How Much Tiger Woods Earned in Each US State

With the Big Cat back in action winning his PGA Tour event for the first time since 2013, we were left wondering how much has the Tiger really made in each of the US states throughout his tournament career? And so we crunched the numbers... Just in case you can't pinpoint your state, the table below shows how much he earned in each state. Taking a look at the numbers, we can conclude that Tiger Woods has made money in 27 out of 51 states (more than half of the US states). His international earning outside of the US stands at $9,739,160. So, how did Tiger Woods do in your state? Let's not forget that Ryder Cup 2018 is right around the corner. It's set to take...
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Review: Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 – Bang or Bust?

Overall Verdict  If you’re someone who is looking for a shoe you can wear on any track, road, or treadmill, you can’t go wrong with the Pegasus 37. If you’re coming from the Pegasus 36 and looking for a replacement, these aren’t a bad option as they are definitely improved upon in terms of breathability, yet similar enough for you to feel at home. Pros+ Comfortable lightweight upper+ Excellent cushioning and responsiveness+ No-nonsense design+ Flexible and supportive upper Cons– Needs a bit of breaking in to reach peak comfort – May feel a bit snug to some– Some heel slippage Intro

15 Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet – Reviewed for 2022

Tennis is a widely popular sport enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a sport that involves focus, strategy, and incredible stamina. It also involves a fair amount of running and hence, the shoes you pick will need to have enough cushioning for ground impact and stability/support for lateral displacement. Thankfully, tennis shoes have come a long way in terms of function and design. Tennis shoes now pack a serious amount of features inside them due to the increasing demands of the game. We went in search of the best tennis shoes in 2022 and put them to the test. This list will give you an overview of the features that matter and why...
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Best Supination Insoles – What You Need to Know

What is Supination? Supination, also known as underpronation, boils down to putting an excessive amount of weight on the (outer) edges of our feet rather than the ball of the foot when walking. This is a significant walking abnormality that requires correction, as it can create serious problems if left untreated. Some of the causes of supination include: having abnormal bone structure, in such a way that their alignment is off and affects the way you walk, chronic conditions such as diabetes or obesity, having high foot arches that cause underpronation naturally during the gait cycle, or due to external foot injuries. Supination typically leads to foot aches as well as constant...
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9 Best Cross Country Shoes for Running – Reviewed for 2022

What is Cross Country?  Simply put, cross country running is a form of running that is completed on natural terrain, as opposed to long-distance track running or road running. It is an open-air competition that goes back thousands of years. Cross country is incredibly entertaining and a great work out for our bodies. It can be performed as an individual or as a team sport, and you’ll find that unlike many other sports, cross country is an autumn or winter sport primarily. So, it goes without saying that weather conditions will vary wildly, with some competitions being in the rain, snow, hail, or heat. And you quickly get an idea of why you need the...
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11 Best Shoes for Nurses – According to an actual Nurse

Why you Should Invest in Nursing Shoes Being a nurse or medical practitioner in any capacity is a highly demanding job, where you need to be on call at any time, be ready for anything, and most importantly - be where you need to be at a moment's notice. I started my career as an HCA and have been a nurse for the past 3 years in ED. I've been through dozens of shoes and this list consists of my 11 best shoes for nurses that are tried and tested. Naturally, this means you’ll find yourself on your feet most of the time while you’re on the frontline of healthcare and you’ll need a pair of...
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16 Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet: Reviewed for 2022

Around 60% of the world’s population has some form of foot abnormality - be it flat-feet, wide feet, or Plantar Fasciitis of the foot. Growing up, I always faced difficulty finding the best running shoes for wide feet especially for my clown-like foot. As a kid, my parents would custom order medical shoes made to my measurements, but these shoes didn’t look as stylish and they lacked personality.  Fortunately, it’s quite easy these days to find the best wide running shoes from top manufacturers without even leaving the comfort of your home, thanks to this magical thing called the “Internet”. Things to know when buying wide running shoes
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10 Best Running Shoes for Overpronation and Flat Feet

Walking and running have been an essential part of human activities since existence. Back then, no one really paid attention to how their foot hit the ground when they walk or run. After all, we make the motion a countless number of times throughout the day. It then becomes surprising to find out that the way we make those walking steps actually matter and is a reflection on our health, especially if one is into sports, such as running. And that is where the term pronation comes into play. What is Overpronation? Pronation is simply the motion of the foot as it strikes the ground through the movement of the heel to the forefoot during running....
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10 Best Tactical Boots and Combat Boots in 2022

Tactical Boots: Police vs. Military Law Enforcement is one of the hardest jobs in the US today and whether you're in the Police force, Security services or the Military, the best tactical boots can literally make the difference between a safe working environment or ending up with a critical injury. As a member of law enforcement, you might find yourself standing on your feet for long periods of time, or running at a moment's notice (gotta catch em bad guys, ya know!). So, tactical boots should be as versatile as possible. They should have the comfort and cushioning of running shoes, and at the same time provide ankle support for added safety so you don't...
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9 Best Insoles for High Arches: Reviewed for 2022

What are High Arches? The arch of your foot is the area that is slightly curved between your heel and the ball of your foot, and some people naturally have higher placed arches that tend to lead to problems. This ranges from the occasional pain to serious changes in overall foot structure. Many of the problems you can get from this quirk are related to the way your arches impact your natural walking and standing postures. Such conditions and issues include - plantar fasciitis (inflammation of a band across your foot), metatarsalgia (inflammation of the ball of the foot), foot and ankle instability and more. How do Insoles help?
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9 Best CrossFit Shoes Reviewed for 2022

CrossFit training involves a multitude of training disciplines, so shoes used for CrossFit should be versatile, stable and comfortable. The best CrossFit training shoes absorb shock through their soles, and that excessive shock is then dissipated rather than hurt your knees or joints. On the other hand, the hard soles found in the some of the best CrossFit shoes manage to return that power to you, allowing it to be used for your lifts and to pump those weights. As a result, just like any good training shoes, you’ll want balanced CrossFit shoes capable of offering proper absorption when running or doing cardio while also managing to provide a stable base that returns power when lifting.
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9 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviewed for 2022

If you’ve ever played basketball, you know there’s a world of difference between playing indoors and outdoors. Indoors basketball courts typically have hardwood floors, air conditioning, stable temperature, and stable forces, with all things considered. When you play outdoor basketball, you’re opening yourself up to the elements. Nothing is the same: the court isn’t hardwood anymore, it may be a rubber compound or it might be just painted concrete. The weather can change on you, from sunny and lightly breezy to cloudy and gusting. The temperature ranges from hot or warm to chilly or cold, whatever the weather decides to throw at you that particular day is what you’re going to get when you’re playing ball outdoors.
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10 Best Insoles for Work Boots – Reviewed for 2022

The Perfect Companion to your Work Shoes A good pair of work boots are a necessity for comfort, traction, and protection on tough, risky jobs or precarious terrain. But the insoles you find built-in are oftentimes not built to last quite as long as the rest of the boot. Considering just how much wear and tear a single pair of work boots go through, not to mention the grueling work routines they are applied on, it makes sense to spend as much time as you do finding the right work boot insoles that you did finding the right pair of work boots. If your pair of boots feel uncomfortable on the inside, like they’ve been...
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Why are Shoes so Important for your Feet?

The importance of having a good and comfortable pair of shoes cannot be underestimated. Whether you’re wearing shoes as a fashion statement or to serve a specific purpose like running, walking, hiking or CrossFit, good shoes form the basis of proper posture and save you from hours of pain and discomfort. It’s easy to buy a pair of generic shoes (think of cheap fabric superglued to some ice-cream sticks) and call it a day, but skimping on proper footwear can lead to long-term side effects like improper posture and even prolonged aches and pains. When you’re going to be walking on something for 8+ hours a day, it is imperative that you pick the right pair based on fit, comfort, and performance. A decent...

Beginners Guide to Running Gear for Men and Women

Importance of the right kind of gear The right kind of gear for running is more than just what might look trendy or fashionable, believe it or not. A lot of thought goes into the absolute best materials and articles of clothing that provide us with the most optimal experience while running. By picking the right type of gear to suit your needs and accommodate your running style, you’ll be able to run for longer, have an enjoyable experience, and achieve more of your running goals or setting times without dealing with any form of discomfort, irritation or pain associated with bad or suboptimal running gear.  Here are just a few basic essentials you’re going to...

How to Clean Shoes: For All Types of Footwear

Shoes are required almost everywhere you walk, they’re the unsung heroes of day-to-day life. They are irreplaceable and as a result, there aren’t going to be many places you’ll be without wearing a pair. Be it running shoes, walking shoes, formal shoes, sandals, slippers, the list goes on of all the different types of shoes that exist for all the different activities we do in our lives. But you have to ask, with all the beatings they take, how do we show our love back? Our shoes do so much for us, and oftentimes, it shows. Our shoes get scuffed, marked, dirty, stained, you name it, a shoe has been it. 
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How to Pick the Perfect Hiking Shoes

When it comes to picking the absolute perfect hiking footwear for you, a lot of it comes down to individual preferences and realities. In our concise article, we’ll shed some light on the different aspects of hiking footwear that needs to be considered on a person-to-person basis to better determine what hiking boot is best for you. Types of Terrain  Firstly, when it comes to picking what kind of hiking boots you’ll need, it's best to figure out what kind of terrain you see yourself tackling. Either what is available to you locally, or perhaps outside of where you normally reside as a special adventure or vacation.

9 Best Nike Running Shoes – Reviewed for 2022

Nike Running Shoes: A Match Made in Heaven Nike is a name synonymous with sportswear. If you're looking for the best Nike running shoes on the market, then you're in the right place. Running shoes have been Nike's bread and butter since its formation in 1964. The founder, Phil Knight, was a University of Oregon track athlete who sold shoes out of the back of a van at races. Nike pioneered the sponge rubber midsole and was the first of its kind to offer impact protection and cushioning. Advances in Sports Science then gave us the EVA foam in the 1970s which is an air-infused foam designed to be incredibly good at withstanding impact shock....

8 Best Insoles for Flat Feet Reviewed for 2022

What Are Flat-Feet? Flat-feet or fallen arches describes the condition where a person has a very low or non-existent foot arch, meaning that one or both of their feet are more or less flat on the ground. Normally, humans have an arch to their foot, providing a spring in their step and it helps distribute weight evenly across their feet and legs - it helps your feet stay flexible and adapt to the stress of walking on a variety of surfaces. Common issues include mild to severe pain in the arch, knee, lower back or the rest of your lower body when excessively walking and running. Your feet may also feel “stiffer” from the excess stress...
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11 Tips to Become a Better Runner Without Actually Running

Running is a general term. But did you know that world-renowned runners of today were not Supermen, or DC Comic’s “The Flash” back in the days? In other words, they all started from stage 1 by starting nice, smooth and slow and speeding things up little by little. Yes, sure that some of them may have been genetically gifted as fast runners (looking at you Usain Bolt), but you can’t just put your running shoes one day and call yourself a runner without following proper conditioning and procedures. Well, you get the gist. One might wonder how it could be possible for someone to run without actually running? It seems that the words are just being used interchangeably without the benefit of having it translated into...

10 Best Running Shoes for High Arches – Reviewed

What are High Arches? In case you aren’t familiar with the term, an arch refers to the arch of your foot located between the heel and ball of your foot, which is typically slightly curved. When you have a high arch, this natural curve is placed higher than normal, leading to problems that range from occasional pain to more serious issues like walking abnormalities. The reason being that most of the problems stem from the way your aches impact your natural walking and resting positions, and it isn’t uncommon to develop conditions like plantar fasciitis (inflammation in your fascia muscle band), metatarsalgia (inflammation of the ball of your foot), or general foot and ankle instability...
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11 Best Arch Support Shoes – Reviewed for 2022

Why is Arch Support Important? You may not realize it, but the arch of our foot is one of the most important structural features of our foot, absorbing the majority of the pressure and stress our bodies put on our feet every time we walk.  You can imagine that constantly walking and stressing our arches can lead to severe issues and musculoskeletal changes in our foot shape, so it is of utmost importance we take proper care of our feet and especially our arches. Here are just a few reasons how shoes with good arch support can help you immediately: Helps distribute pressure A shoe with proper insoles that take...
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11 Cold Weather Running Tips and Tricks

Why Cold-Weather Running? If done properly, cold-weather running can be very rewarding and helps you build endurance like no other. If you’re an experienced runner, you probably know the drill and have learned from experience what it is like running in cold weather. You know what works best for you, and you look forward to the time of year where you’re getting better personal times and records because the sun isn’t oppressively beaming down at you in the sweltering heat.  For those of you who aren’t so experienced, and might even be a bit intimidated by the idea, here is a teaser of the positives you should expect when cold-weather running: More calories...

11 Best Cross Training Shoes – Reviewed for 2022

What is Cross Training? Cross-training is the practice of engaging in more than one type of workout to maximize performance and improve overall fitness. For example, you can couple your running or cycling with strength training or CrossFit to target those muscle groups not used while running. Even being engaged in two or more sports can be considered cross-training. But, for an effective workout, you're going to need the best cross training shoes. Cross trainer shoes (as the name suggests) are multi-purpose training shoes that can be used in a variety of different physical exercises or sports without buying an individual pair of shoes for each sport. They are versatile shoes...

12 Best Chef Shoes and Kitchen Shoes in 2022

Being a Chef is a tough and demanding job requiring not just careful attention to the food being prepared, but also standing or walking for up to 13 hours a day in a hot and crowded kitchen. Add to that, the hazard of slipping or falling due to an oil spill, and it becomes evidently clear that the best chef shoe not only has to contend with slippery surfaces but also provide cushioning, support and stability to the Chef himself. Gordon Ramsay stands at 6'2", but wears a size 15 shoe! How Can Kitchen Shoes Help Me? The shoes reviewed on our list are some of the best chef shoes on the market...
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9 Best Sandals for Flat Feet – Reviewed for 2022

What are Flat Feet?  Flat feet, also sometimes called fallen arches, is a postural abnormality in which the arches of your foot collapse and your underfoot no longer forms a bow-like shape, but instead is flat to the ground. It is not particularly uncommon, and you’ll find that it affects roughly a quarter of the population. Many solutions exist including invasive surgical procedures, but oftentimes, the easiest way to relieve flat-feet is by wearing shoes or sandals meant for flat feet. If you're looking to save more money, you could always get flat-feet insoles and be done with it. How Does it Impact Our Body?

7 Best Bowling Shoes of 2022 to Set the Lanes Ablaze

Bowling is a game that goes beyond just "trying-to-whack-all-the-pins" or socializing with your friends on Friday nights. Bowling requires precision, strategy, balance and it's an ever-shifting game that involves lots of variables like sliding, braking, and oil patterns. This guide outlines some of the best bowling shoes on the market right now, so you can stop worrying about your gear and start focusing on the game. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, it's important to understand what type of player you are and whether you're looking to up your bowling game beyond the honeymoon phase. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't wear your street shoes for bowling. For one, casual sneakers will stick and grip firmly to the surface...
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The Difference Between Hiking Boots, Hiking Shoes, and Trail Runners

You wouldn’t wear high heels at the worksite or work boots on the fashion runway, right? Right, of course not, because they just aren’t the right type of footwear for the occasion. While the gulf between high-heeled stilettos and a pair of Doc Martens may be stark and easy to comprehend, it’s precisely because hiking boots, hiking shoes, and trail running shoes seem ostensibly interchangeable that you need to educate yourself before choosing which type of outdoor footwear is right for you, because they are indeed distinct. In the simplest possible terms, you need hiking boots for long treks (think multi-day) where you will be toting a decent amount of gear weight over varying ground conditions. You need hiking shoes...

18 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

You may not know it, but the majority of your body composition is water. For the average person, around 60% of their total body weight is composed of water. Water plays a major role in many bodily functions. These include transporting nutrients, regulating your temperature and aiding in the removal of waste. Your body causes losses of water throughout the day - this occurs in the form of urinating, sweating and even breathing. The act of respiration itself uses a significant amount of water. It is therefore essential to maintain your water levels throughout the day. Mild dehydration is very common and can cause symptoms such as trouble concentrating, headaches and dry skin. But, you may be wondering how much water is optimum for staying...

9 Best Shoes for Standing All Day – Reviewed for 2022

In the past, we have covered work shoes that are ideal for jobs that have you standing and walking about most of the day for prolonged periods of time. This time, we are going to broaden our scope because a lot of jobs, hobbies, and lifestyles, in general, do not give you a whole lot of leeway on sitting down and taking breaks. Hazards of Standing All Day Standing for a particularly long time isn’t too healthy for your feet, legs, and lower back, so you need adequate support from footwear to alleviate that added stress. This goes for all walks of life - from engineers to baristas, from lab techs to avid travelers. Because...
best shoes for walking article banner image

10 Best Walking Shoes – Reviewed for 2022

What Are Walking Shoes? If you’re an avid runner, or perhaps someone looking to get back into shape, walking is an excellent outlet as it lets you get in some exercise, perhaps on your off days, without the impact or intensity of a more demanding exercise.  Walking is a less stressful yet productive use of time, and a healthy way to stay active without overdoing yourself. Finding the right pair of shoes for walking can be a little more demanding though, as you need to determine the perfect pair for you. These types of shoes share a lot of the same qualities compared to regular running shoes, though perhaps with a few...
best light up shoes hero image

14 Best Light Up Shoes for Adults and Kids in 2022

Light up shoes were all the rage in the 90s amongst kids and adults alike. They are now making a comeback with better LED technology, USB charging, and remote controllers. We’ve covered a total of 14 of the best light up shoes for adults and kids - all of which are perfect depending on what you value. We’ve covered some of the things to look out for, as well as each shoe's best attributes as well as some caveats. Overall, we hope this list will help dispel some myths and enlighten you on the world of LED light-up shoes (not just for kids!) and help you find your perfect pair! Determining the best Light-up shoes for...

10 Best Running Shoes for Men and Women in 2022

If you are looking for a new pair of running shoes, either because you’re getting into running, replacing an old pair, or looking for a different feel or ride than your current ones, this catch-all list is for you. How We Analysed the Best Running Shoes In this article we will cover what we consider to be the best running shoes for men as well as women - neutral, cushioned, and stability shoes all find a home on this list. Some of the models or brands might be staples in the running shoe industry, and some may be lesser-known ones you should really look into.  We've poured 52 hours of research into...
best stability running shoes article banner

8 Best Stability Running Shoes Reviewed for 2022

What are Stability Running Shoes? You may not be aware of this, but at the most basic level, existing running shoes are divided into two distinct classes - Stability and Neutral. Though it may not be overtly specified when you buy them, every shoe in current production is one or the other.  This distinction is determined by the shoes’ medial post. A medial post, also known as a dual-density midsole, is a device inside of the midsole that is actually firmer than the rest of the midsole. Shoes that have a medial post are known as stability shoes because the post acts as a stabilizer for your medial rearfoot and reduces arch pronation. This is inherently...
Shoe cleaning kits banner image

5 Best Shoe Cleaners and Sneaker Care Kits

Many of you have a favorite pair of sneakers you’ve had since forever, and they’re starting to show their age, or some of you have wished those old sneakers you loved were still around today. Consistent maintenance and taking care of your sneakers is a good way to make them last longer, so you can wear them for years to come, and also a good way to make sure your current sneakers look like they came fresh out of the box. How Do You Properly Clean Sneakers? The first question you’re probably asking yourself is, “how do I clean my sneakers to make them look like new?”. There is...
12 exercises better than running

12 Exercises That are Better Than Running

Running has been the greatest workout routine throughout all of human history, and for good reason; you can start at any point, in any physical condition, it doesn’t require anything but your own body, and can be done quite literally anywhere. With that said, running isn’t the be-all and end-all exercise. It is incredibly good at burning fat, but just like anything else, with enough practice, your body gets good at it. You’ll find that you’re getting great at running distances or times you would have felt impossible earlier on in your running career, you essentially plateau. As a result, you’ll find yourself having to get more and more creative with your routine to see consistent improvement. Fortunately, we have devised other forms of...
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