About Us

Shoes are the single most important clothing item that can give you long-term benefits. We live in a busy world and not everyone has the time to visit a store and test out all the shoes there. This is why we, at NoS, have made it our mission to bring you sensible, trusted and honest reviews for all the runners, walkers, Crossfitters and gym junkies out there. Each pair we review is meticulously field-tested for the purpose that it is intended for (that means, we won’t be testing walking shoes at the gym and vice versa).

So, let’s get kickin’!




Carl Mossain (Senior Editor)

I’ve been a sneakerhead ever since I can and I have a distinct love for shoes and writing. So, why not write about shoes? With a Degree in Sports Science and Management, it’s my aim to educate my readers from a scientific and research-based perspective. Growing up, I wasn’t necessarily the most blessed in the genetics department and I’ve had the unfortunate fate of being cursed with flat-feet. It had always been a major struggle for me to find shoes that fit properly and didn’t hurt my feet. I would spend a good few hours at the local shoe store to find a pair that met my criteria of comfort, performance, style, and price. 15 years later, not much has changed except that now I’m doing it for my readers.