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Brooks Ghost 13 Review: Perfect Shoe for the Price?

ModelGhost 13
CategoryDaily trainers (mid tier)
SizeTrue to size
Weight286g / 250g (M/F)
Heel drop12mm
Release dateAugust 2022

Overall Verdict 

+ Excellent comfort and energy return
+ Wide and roomy toe box
+ Good for runners that
+ True to size

On the heavier side
Durability is so-so


Let’s start with the introduction of the Brooks ghost 13. 

The competition between the companies for the mid-range trainers that can be used daily is really getting aggressive. Also, this is significantly important for the companies as the daily trainers of this tier contribute a hunk in their shoe sales. 

It all started back in 2008 with the Ghost concept. 

The Brooks Ghost series is believed to have a subtle but meaningful upgrade with their every new pair rather than a massive upgrade between two consecutive pair in the series. This strategy also does not disappoint any customer who is satisfied with the previous model but wants to upgrade to the latest without any inconvenience involved by providing the upgraded features with the latest pair too.

The Ghost series is really asking for a competitively reasonable price for the quality of materials and the feel you get. Also, we should keep in mind that these are not in any manner the ones belonging to the expensive tier of Brooks but do not feel cheap either. They easily make it to the best daily trainers list for the particular price bracket they are included in. 

Coming to the fact of a daily trainer, we have to keep in mind that these belong to the type which you would be keeping on your foot more than any other shoe in your shoe rack regardless of your running shoe collection. 

So, it has certain expectations to meet to stack up against its competitors as the category it falls in, demands worthy points to survive and last in it. 

Here, the answer lies in how much is the difference and what is it, because priority of those differences is subjective. 

Firstly we should accept the fact that they are not drastically different shoes as the Ghost series does not do that. This lets us conclude that it is going to be a familiar ride in the new one to that of the previous one. 

Now let’s look at what are those subtle upgrades we are referring to –

Why You Should/Shouldn’t Consider it Over the Brooks Ghost 12?

  • Relatively soft feel
  • Plushier envelop
  • Good breathability due to the Air mesh upper
  • Firmer heel
  • Better stability
  • More flexibility
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Adequate shock protection
  • Spacious toe box
  • Adaptable fit

These were the upgrades over the Ghost 12 now all of these are subtle and not drastic but not unnoticeable either. It is up to you if you prioritize these or not and only that will land you to the answer of whether you should consider the Ghost 13 over the 12 or not, also whether or not you should upgrade to the 13 if you already have a 12 with you.


Now being a running shoe, it looks what it is meant to be like. It looks really good in my opinion with the various color options it provides, there is a higher probability that you get the color and look you want. But it is also true that it is totally subjective as what one may find absolutely stunning may be the reason to skip to the next for another. To me, it looks sleek and good as it is a running shoe in which I do not expect some sexy looks which I demand from sneakers. 


I know that some of you guys have been waiting to know this part badly and don’t worry as here we are. The comfort of these shoes is absolutely amazing due to their excellent midsole and immensely soft and stretchy upper.

But keep this in mind that they do not possess any carbon fibre plate or anything special like that to advertise and provide some crazy bounce or responsiveness. 

The midsole of the Ghost 13 is made with Bigomo and DNA loft using a twin foam layout. It makes you feel as if you have a far more expensive pair with you due to its quality being really well.

The outsole is made with a lot of rubber which may worry you about its longevity as it wears out pretty fast. But let’s not forget the flexibility of the outsole as it has better flexibility than its predecessor which was stiffer in comparison. This one has appropriate flexibility which goes hand in hand with the foot motions which further adds smooth foot movement and supports your common foot bend while running. 

Let’s take a moment to discuss it’s responsiveness as we are talking about the midsole and outsole. The shoes are not that much responsive and are not recommendable for high paced running. This is in my perspective a weakness of this shoe. 

The Ghost does not fail to provide you stable, even and appropriate ride experience and allows you to enjoy undemanding transitions.

Its grip is very fine due to the rubber on the outsole we mentioned earlier. You will not be disappointed by it regardless the surface being dry or wet you step it on.

Now it’s time to discuss it’s fit, trust me when I say it’s roomier I mean it. The shoe may let down the ones who need a narrower toe box and they may want to look somewhere else but other than that it has a fine shape. Its toe box has ample room this time and some consumers may feel that their toe slips sideways because of it. The heel counter and the sockliner provide you some very nice cushioning and padding which lets us conclude that you should try to get your feet in them before you buy one to make sure you have the right size.

It is true to size though but due to the padding of this shoe, you may prefer a half size up however the best way is to try it first at your nearby store and then make the purchase of the correct size rather than involving yourself in returns and all that stuff due to some wrong online purchase. 


So, this one is really simple, you can yourself conclude just by looking at the upper that it has really more than enough breathability for anyone who seeks it. The Air mesh has done an excellent job for this department and in my opinion, it can not exceed this and be any more breathable. 


Yes, this is also the topic many are concerned about and this may be a deal-breaker for some. As the outsole wears out quickly and you may see your midsole exposed after approximately a couple hundred miles in it. 

This shoe simply lacks durability. That’s it for the durability part and I wouldn’t stretch this much as this is enough and appropriate. 


So what do we conclude about the Brooks Ghost 13? The conclusion is that it is a shoe that if you do not know what you want for yourself then this is the way to go where you would not regret your choice. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro this shoe will do the job for you. It’s an excellent daily trainer overall and according to me it’s, “the vanilla of the mid-tier daily trainers”. 

If you wanted the previous Brooks Ghost to change drastically then you my friend, might feel upset but if you do not want it to change much and be similar then you will definitely love this one too. 

It is not meant for a very exciting and fun ride. And is built for a stable and consistent ride experience. To me the 12mm heel drop is a bit big and within the 8-10mm range is what I find appropriate for me. But that should not be that big of a deal for the majority of runners. You won’t notice it much either. 

The targeted customers are the ones who are looking for daily trainers for road running and slow to mid-paced running shoes. And it is not meant for consumers who seek an extremely lightweight and super fast shoe for fast running.

The responsiveness is poor, to be honest. Still, nonetheless it’s an easy-to-recommend pair of shoes and a very safe choice that would not let you down. This model is more about comfort, it may not be the perfect choice for the price, however, it is not a bummer either. 

The weight of this shoe is quite heavy if we compare it with its competitors in the market which are considerably lighter. In the end, I should say that there is a lot to appreciate about the Ghost 13 that makes up a reason to buy it rather than skipping it for the cons it comes with. And it will not make you compromise in any manner irrespective of the absence of some carbon plates or some fancy boost. It is obviously altogether a very good shoe for the price and I believe that even if the company increased the price a little then also it would have been a worthy purchase. 





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