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9 Best Shoes for Zumba – Reviewed for 2022

If you’re just getting into Zumba, or are looking for a pair of replacement shoes, we’ve compiled for you a list of what we consider to be the 9 best Zumba shoes you can buy, all with ranging styles and quirks. We also included a few frequently asked questions in case you’re completely new to the scene and aren’t quite sure about certain things when it comes to shoes dedicated to Zumba. 

The Best Zumba Shoes

1. Ryka Influence Trainers

Ryka Influence - best shoes for Zumba

First up are the Influence trainers designed by Ryka. These shoes feature a full fabric upper with perforations across the shoe (and not just in specific areas) to provide you with unparalleled breathability during your exercises.

The Influence was made with exercise in mind, proven by their dual-density midsole with a high impact, N-Gage EVA energy return compound that keeps its shape during high-intensity workouts and provides you with the bounceback and comfort you need.

Inside, there are also Flex-foil and Direct Fuse layers that give your foot a good sense of support and security, which is a necessity for Zumba and other dance-based routines. Since the nature of Zumba sees a lot of rapid movement in nearly every direction, with shifting body weight being a constant factor, you also need a well-grounded outsole that keeps you stuck to the ground as much as possible, as to not allow for any slipping or injury.

The Influence makes sure you’re gripped well with its footprint design, and pivot points, to provide ease of movement and security. These trainers are an overall great pick if you’re looking for a lightweight, vibrant, and effective shoe for Zumba.

The Influence isn’t perfect though, and we found that the padding could just be a touch more generous, especially in the underfoot area. If you are someone who is constantly exercising for long periods of time, you might find that there is a bit of pain in the arch area with the base model’s insoles because the cushioning is more dedicated to short bursts of activity, and not drawn out sessions. This can be easily remedied by getting aftermarket shoe inserts.

Other than this issue, which can be mitigated with a third-party insole, the shoe itself is quite good for high intensity, short burst workouts. If you intend to work out for longer than an hour or so, then you may need to take a break with the default insole.

+ Breathable and form-fitting upper
+ Great energy return 
+ Support from flex-foil and fuse layers
+ Footprint style outsole provides stellar traction

Padding could be more generous in the underfoot

2. ASICS Gel-Fit Sana 4

ASICS Sana 4 dance shoes for Zumba

Next up we have the Gel-Fit Sana 4 by ASICS – a brand with a long history and reputation in athletic footwear of every kind. The Sana’s are of unique construction – using Mono-Sock Technology fit system, which is an internal sleeve that replaces the typical tongue you’d expect in a shoe, giving an even greater sock-like feel and experience.

The Sana 4 also uses Seamless Construction that reduces the potential for irritation or friction that seams and stitches may cause, which is especially apparent when doing exercises like Zumba. Part of the allure of the Sana 4’s construction is the fact that they flexibly mold to your foot’s natural shape. The criss-cross pattern across the midsole promotes multi-directional movements, and the second is the sock-fit upper that also easily molds to your foot’s shape, instead of applying unneeded pressure to your instep.

There is also the classic GEL-cushioning system on top of the molded foam insole, which alleviates pressure in certain targeted areas by providing more bounceback and energy return. Overall, the Sana 4’s are an affordable and unique Zumba shoe that will keep you invigorated and comfortable for a long time to come.

With that said, because of the form-fitting design of the Sana 4’s, you’ll find that the footwear might be on the narrow side, and cause a bit of irritation if your feet are wide. On top of that, the tongue-less design of the Mono-Sock system may be a hassle if you’re not used to it. If you do have wider feet, we recommend a half size or so up from your true size, as it may help mitigate the narrower feeling. Regardless of these quirks, the Sana 4 makes for one of the best shoes for Zumba especially for those that love a minimalistic style.

+ Comfortable and smooth sock-like feel
+ Seamless materials allow for no irritation during a Zumba routine
+ Insole flexibly molds to your foot’s natural shape
+ Features GEL-cushioning for added bounceback and energy return

Maybe a bit narrow for some
Tongueless design might not be for everyone

3. Capezio DS24 Rockit

Capezio Zumba shoes

Now we have the DS24 Rockit’s by Capezio. These sneakers have dancing and Zumba specifically in mind. It is made of mesh, suede, and synthetic combination upper and a man-made sole. The upper is a combination of PU Nubuck, imitation suede, and breathable SBR nylex mesh to make sure the shoes are not just comfortable, but highly breathable as well.

The breathability does not end there, as even the arch is perforated for added ventilation with every step. The tongue, collar, and Achilles notch are all padded to provide the utmost comfort. Internally, there is an EVA footbed that is ergonomically contoured, cushioned, and removable in case you prefer a third-party alternative.

The split-sole design is made for flexibility and higher foot articulation, with a boxed toe area for toe-stands. Needless to say, the DS24 Rockit’s check all the boxes as they’re lightweight, highly functional, and don’t look too shabby. As a dedicated shoe for dancing, these are one of the best Zumba shoes in terms of form and functionality.

While it cannot be denied these sneakers are great, if you need a dedicated pair of Zumba or dancing shoes, there are a few quirks you should know about. Firstly, as per Capezio’s sizing instructions, you should get a full two sizes up compared to your true size. Secondly, on very sleek flooring, the outsoles may feel a bit too buttery and smooth, and it could do with feeling a touch more grippy. If these two quirks don’t bother you so much, as they are minor, then we see no reason to not try on a pair of DS24 Rockit.

+ Dedicated to Zumba and dancing
+ Highly breathable and durable upper
+ Ventilated arch and comfortable insole
+ Split outsole for foot articulation and flexibility 
+ Box-toe great for toe-stands

Need to buy a full two-sizes up
Could be a bit grippier in the outsole

4. Bloch Neo-Flex Jazz Shoe

Bloch Jazz and Dance shoes

Now we have the Neo-Flex Jazz shoes by Bloch – made with full leather and neoprene upper with a design focused on dance-related exercises above all else. The Trinity has a sweat-resistant insole, allowing for more comfortable wear and aesthetics, and a 360-degree multi-directional midfoot with stretch mesh, giving you supreme articulation across the foot as well as flexibility.

Bloch created an ergonomic split outsole that is designed to mimic natural foot movement, making dancing much more comfortable. There is also a high-density TPU POD in the forefoot, that provides much more total control, stickiness, and help when doing spin maneuvers.  As a dance shoe, the Neo-Flex Jazz is more or less all you’d want, so when it comes to Zumba and other intense dance workouts, these are shoes that shouldn’t be glossed over.

With that in mind, the Bloch shoe isn’t perfect. The elastic tongue can be a bit of struggle to put on easily and can be a bit of a waste of time especially if you’re used to easily slipped-on shoes. Secondly, we would recommend a full size up or so to make the most of the space you’re getting, as they tend to run a bit narrow at true sizing.

+ Dedicated dancing shoe
+ Leather and fabric upper make for high durability
+ 360-degree midfoot support and split outsole flexibility
+ TPU POD in the forefoot are great for control

Elastic tongue is a bit cumbersome
Somewhat narrow, best to get a size up

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-190 TR

ASICS Gel-190 TR Training Shoes for Zumba

Another ASICS shoe makes its way onto our list, with the GEL-190 TR. These trainers are a fully synthetic shoe with high-quality support and comfortability that make it a great choice for Zumba and dance.

It features the DuoMax Support System – a dual-density midsole system that enhances support and stability during maneuvers, and a GEL Cushioning system that attenuates shock during high impact movements and strikes common to Zumba. Internally, there is a SpEVA Midsole that improves your bounceback and decreases breakdown over time, which is ideal for dancing in general and will keep you on your feet for longer without risking foot fatigue.

The GEL-190 TR is also fairly lightweight thanks to the Trusstic system technology, which reduces the weight of the sole while still being durable and stable. On top of all this, if you have wide feet, you’ll appreciate the X-Wide sizing options that make for a more comfortable ride during exercise. Overall, a very solid trainer that while may not have some of the specific bells and whistles of a true dancing shoe (like a split sole), but is so fundamentally good it cannot be ignored.

With that said, the GEL-190 TR does happen to feel fairly stiff overall out of the box, which isn’t something everyone appreciates, but it does loosen over time and during a dance, you may find that a softer upper is more conducive to your movement. Secondly, the forefoot is still a bit narrow despite the width sizing options being fairly inclusive.

+ Dual-density midsole system enhances support
+ GEL cushioning provide great impact control
+ SpEVA midsole for bounceback and longevity
+ Trusstic system technology makes for a lightweight ride
+ Features X-Wide sizing options

Feels fairly stiff and requires a break-in period
Forefoot is a bit narrow for some, even with the wider-set option

6. New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE

NB FuelCore as best shoes for Zumba

Now, we have the FuelCore NERGIZE by New Balance – a well respected and long-standing footwear manufacturer. These shoes make our list as they aren’t dedicated solely to Zumba, but can perform quite well in and out of a Zumba routine. So, for those of you who want a pair of decent shoes for Zumba, but also want to make sure they have uses outside of dancing, be it for the sake of budget or efficiency, the NERGIZE is a great option.

The NERGIZE has a synthetic upper that is well-perforated making for a cool and breathable experience, featuring a Revlite midsole foam that keeps your arch comfortable when doing rapid movements. Included is an NB Memory Sole Insert that on its own is very supportive and comfortable, but is also removable if you prefer to use a third-party orthotic.

The NERGIZE also features a quick and simple slip-on design to match its minimalistic aesthetic, making it a fairly straight-forward, sleek, and effective shoe. This shoe is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades.

With that said, these shoes aren’t the best you could do for Zumba. If you’re dedicated to Zumba, you won’t want jack-of-all-trades, so for those of you who something more focussed, the NERGIZE probably won’t suit you.

On top of that, despite being fairly easy to put on, the V-dip design that New Balance used minimizes ankle support, which may be a big concern to some. Finally, if you do intend to put a custom orthotic in, know that you may have a tight feeling in the midfoot area, as it is just a bit more form-fitting than other shoes.

+ Versatile and usable for more than just Zumba
+ Breathable and stylish upper
+ Comfortable Revlite midsole and NB insole
+ Easily slipped on
+ Cost-efficient

Will be outperformed by a dedicated Zumba shoe
Ankle support is so-so
Custom orthotics may feel constricting in tandem with socklike design

7. Ryka Tenacity Shoe for Zumba

Ryka Tenacity High-Top shoes for Zumba

As our list begins to wind down, we have another pair of dancing shoes by Ryka – the Tenacity. This is a shoe with a fully synthetic upper and a breathable mesh featuring Flex Foil and Direct-Fuse to provide support. A sizeable velcro strapping in the midfoot area secures your foot in place.

Internally, there is a Dual-Foam Midsole with N-gage EVA cushioning, and a padded Precise-Return insole that gives great support and moisture control, so when you’re on your feet you won’t feel the heat. The outsole is definitely a high point for the Tenacity, as it has a pivot point design and an I.G.H Molded heel, providing you with remarkable durability and traction control that you will need in spades for dancing and Zumba routines.

Lastly, the Tenacity is a shoe that runs true to size, so you should have no issues picking up your size without worry. If you’re looking for a dance-centric shoe that is stylish and effective, the Ryka Tenacity is definitely one of the best shoes for Zumba. 

The tenacity isn’t without its flaws though. Most notably, you’ll notice that while it may seem stylish, it is a bit on the bulkier side compared to its competition – which might be a bit of a nuisance to some. If you prefer a slimmer shoe instead of the more “boot-like” style, then the Tenacity may not cut it.

On top of this, the arch support could be just a touch better. Despite these flaws, there isn’t a stand-out flaw that warrants ignoring the Tenacity. If you are a fan of boxier shoes, then these should be right up your alley.

+ Fully breathable and locked-in upper
+ Dual-Foam midsole and EVA cushioning provide solid relief and support
+ IGH molded heel provides good control when dancing
+ Highly sticky and durable outsole
+ True to size

A bit on the bulkier side
Arch support could be a bit more prominent

8. Reebok Guresu 2.0 Dance Shoe

Reebok Guresu dance training sneakers

The penultimate shoe on our list is another all-arounder – the Guresu dance trainer by Reebok. The Guresu features smooth, silky, sock-like construction with a fully textile upper that is well-perforated and highly breathable. The shoe can be easily slipped on thanks to its seamless construction – making it ideal for those of you who just want to get up and go.

There is an Ortholite sockliner inside the shoe that provides you with great moisture-wicking and a smooth ride, with a 3D Ultralite midsole to make sure your arch is well supported and guarantees that impact remains under control. The last thing you want to deal with is blown out midsole at the end of a Zumba workout because you were highly active but your footwear couldn’t keep up and provide the support you needed.

The Guresu features a multi-surface outsole – making it a great platform for almost any surface from smooth to rough. It also has a pivot-point and non-sticky outsole that gives you just the right amount of traction you’ll need for working out in-studio – a feature you’ll really appreciate as an avid Zumba enthusiast. Finally, the Guresu comes in a variety of colors and combinations with a supremely lightweight feel to them, making it hard to pass these up if you want a great all-around athletic shoe that meets the needs of Zumba routines.

One of the few problems the Guresu has, though, is the fact that the cushioning could be more on the “plush side”. They also tend to run a bit bigger than expected. Because of this, we recommend going a half size or so down to get a better fit.

Overall, the Reebok Guresu could have been built a lot sturdier, and would possibly be seen as a must-have if it were to be heftier and take more of a beating. But as it stands, it’s just pretty good at this point. There is room for improvement, but if you like the aesthetic and want an all-around decent athlete shoe, this is a great pick regardless.

+ Aesthetically pleasing and lightweight
+ Highly breathable and easy to slip-on
+ Has a sockliner and midfoot support for a smooth ride
+ Multi-surface outsole with pivot point and non-stick qualities meant for studios
+ Wide selection of colors and styles

Runs a bit larger, we recommend a half size up
Could do with more of a sturdier construction overall

9. Zumba Air Classic 

Zumba Air Classic shoes for in-studio dancing

The final shoe on our list is the Zumba Air Classic – a pair of sneakers that is available in both high-top and low-top options meant to provide maximum impact protection and pivot control. If you want a high-top that provides a high-quality Zumba experience, the Air Classics are one of your best bets.

The Zumba Air Classic implements impact protection via air technology to cushion the blow, and high rebound PU insoles are easily replaceable with third-party orthotics. Given the spaciousness of the shoe itself, you can put pretty much anything in there and not feel constricted.

The Zumba Classic includes Z-Slide technology into the outsole, allowing for you to pivot on most any surface safely, easily, and securely with a great deal of traction in the outsole. If you choose to pick the high-tops, you’ll find unparalleled ankle support with the amply-padded collar, giving you peace of mind if you are someone who values an injury-free ankle.

The Air Classics also come in a variety of styles and colors to choose from, meaning this is the type of shoe you can freely wear in the studio or on the street without feeling stylistically uncoordinated. If you love a vibrant, stand-out look that caters to your Zumba routine needs, these Air Classics are a great pick.

With that in mind, not everyone might be in love with this boxy, vibrant look. Some might feel it’s far too colorful or may detract them or others from their workout, getting in the way more than helping. If all you really care about is having a great Zumba shoe that can go with you wherever then these are still solid overall.

+ Durable and highly protective high-top design
+ Comfortable and spacious enough for any kind of third-party orthotic
+ PU insole provides decent comfort and support
+ Z-Slide technology in the outsole makes for easy pivots
+ Ideal if you want a protected ankle

May be too vibrant or colorful, and a distraction
Not as easy to slip on as other sleeker options
Boxy design may not appeal to some

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my standard sneakers?

While technically, yes, while you could use your regular gym shoes or runners for Zumba workouts, we heavily discourage it. Namely, because traditional runners focus on forward momentum, and for that reason, are designed with that motion in mind.

In Zumba, you are actually going in various directions, making a wide variety of movements – like spins, Salsa or Merengue that aren’t going to see your feet well supported in a traditional shoe. This is why there are dedicated dancing shoes that will more often than not do the job better. These dedicated Zumba shoes come with specific design choices – like split outsoles and strategic cushioning, to help with the movements related to Zumba.

Do Zumba shoes need to be replaced often?

Not really. You might think that Zumba shoes need to be replaced often, but the reality is they can last up to 12 months or longer depending on routine, frequency, intensity, and how well you look after your shoes. The fact of the matter is, Zumba shoes only need to be worn when you’re doing Zumba, so they don’t receive quite the same amount of wear and tear a general runner would that is used in a variety of ways and for a variety of activities. By exclusively wearing your set of Zumba shoes during routines, you’ll find that the shoes last a very, very long time.

Do Zumba shoes need to be broken in?

While it may vary from shoe to shoe, it never hurts to do some light footwork beforehand. Perhaps walking on soft flooring or doing some practice before you head off to a Zumba class or get-together. For some models, though, it may not matter as they come out of the box ready-to-go. With that said, even getting a little acclimated to your new shoe is a good thing.

Can Zumba shoes use custom orthotics

Absolutely, Zumba shoes can accommodate custom orthotics fairly well. What you should definitely make a note of, though, if you’re intending to use a pair you own already, is to make sure that the Zumba shoes you get have enough space. What can happen if you buy a certain Zumba shoe that is form-fitting, is that when you put the custom orthotic in, you’ll feel more constricted than you’d like. Because of this, try to get a roomy Zumba shoe that will have ample space so you don’t feel any tightness with a third-party orthotic.


To conclude, we’ve included some pressing questions if you’re new to Zumba and are looking for a pair of shoes to compliment the exercise and our list of top 9 best Zumba shoes. Some of these shoes are dedicated to dance, while some are more generalist and good for a host of exercises, so it is up to your personal discretion as to which best suits you.

Each and every one of these shoes will do great in a Zumba setting, so you can rest assured there will be no problem when you lace them up and start exercising. Some definitely have their own quirks that can either positively or negatively affect your decision-making process, so take some time to consider which shoe stands out to you, and how it would fit with your existing preferences. 





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