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9 Best Insoles for High Arches: Reviewed for 2022

What are High Arches?

The arch of your foot is the area that is slightly curved between your heel and the ball of your foot, and some people naturally have higher placed arches that tend to lead to problems. This ranges from the occasional pain to serious changes in overall foot structure.

Many of the problems you can get from this quirk are related to the way your arches impact your natural walking and standing postures. Such conditions and issues include – plantar fasciitis (inflammation of a band across your foot), metatarsalgia (inflammation of the ball of the foot), foot and ankle instability and more.

How do Insoles help?

Custom orthotics meant to alleviate the pain and mitigate symptoms of high arches do exist, and they are essentially artificial supports worn inside of your shoes to give you extra stability and cushioning. In this article, we will outline 9 of the best insoles for high arches that we have identified so far.

1. Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles

First up are the GREEN insoles by Superfeet, which aim to give you an amazing amount of stability, as well as arch and heel support. It does so thanks to its biomechanically engineered high profile, high volume form, keeping your feet in perfect positioning to mitigate tension or stress points.

It has a prominent rear and mid-foot control point, which helps reduce pain across the foot and stabilizes your midfoot. It features a stabilizer cap made of polypropylene giving you better control, alignment and flexibility compared to other compositions. The top cover is treated with Agion NXT antimicrobial, reducing odor as well as keeping your feet cooler.

Superfeet GREEN insoles also have a deep-heel cup designed to provide maximum support and shock absorption, making these insoles great for a whole host of intense activities that still support your high arches. As a result, if you are a very versatile person with many physical interests, these are a good pick.

The only drawback is that given their high volume and high profile, some shoes may feel a bit cramped as the insole will be taking up more real estate than you’re used to. Also, there are wildly different pricing options depending on where you buy (the most expensive being your local pharmacy), so watch out for good deals on Amazon.

+ Great arch support as well as heel and midfoot stability
+ Lightweight design and great for high arches
+ Variety of width options
+ Antimicrobial sock-lining

Pricing varies, might be a bit expensive in certain locations
Take up a fair amount of space inside the shoe

2. Sof Sole Unisex High Arch

Now we have the Unisex High Arch by Sof Sole, a name you’ll see more than once on this list. The High Arches by Sof Sole are aimed to aid those of you who are particularly active as well as having high arches. They, of course, can also be used for both casual shoes as well as runners and hiking shoes.

The Sof Sole High Arch features a targeted gel-drop located specifically in the heel to give you just a bit more cushion, as well as a deep heel cup that prevents slippage and keeps your entire foot in a stable position. The insoles have a Hydologix moisture management system built-in, keeping your foot free of built-up sweat.

On top of this, the insoles are also treated with Microban to fight bacteria and odor buildup. Overall, these insoles are a solid choice if you have high arches and are starting to experience pain or discomfort, but still want to be able to wear running shoes or casual dress shoes without anxiety.

These insoles aren’t without flaws though, as some people tend to feel they run a bit narrower for their wide-set feet. On top of that, if you wear them a lot and really put them to work, it isn’t uncommon for them to wear down after a few months and needs to be completely replaced. These two aspects are something to consider if you have wide feet or want a pair of insoles that last more than a couple of months. Regardless of this, these are some of the best high arch insoles thanks to its affordable price.

+ Gel-drop and heel cup provides stability and support 
+ Hydrologix and Microban technology eliminates odor
+ Great for people who lead an active lifestyle
+ Affordable price

A bit narrow, if you have wider set feet
Tendency to breakdown after prolonged hard use

3. Sof Sole Insoles ATHLETE Performance

The ATHLETE insoles by Sof Sole are a full-length gel insole made of Implus foam and has a neutral design that is great for all foot types. They are customizable in the sense that you can trim the toe area to better fit your shoes or foot shape, yet you should probably avoid trimming anywhere else as other areas are specifically designed in certain ways.

One such area is the edges that have a heel cup to keep your foot secure in place. There are gel pads placed in the heel as well as in the forefoot to give you added cushioning and support on impact. Sof Sole also implemented their Hydrologix moisture wicking treatment, which keeps your feet cool even during intense workouts.

Because this insole has sports in mind, the energy return is a big factor in the design goal of this insole, which aims to increase the amount of energy given back upon impact. Overall, if you’re someone with high arches who wants a smooth and energizing ride without worrying about unnatural gait form or aches, these are a great pick.

With that said, they are a fairly thick pair of insoles, a commonality among high arch insoles, and some shoes may feel a bit unusual or tighter than you’re used to when these are in place. So if that bothers you, or if you almost exclusively wear tighter shoes, these may not be the best first-pick for you. But for everyone else, these are perhaps one of the best arch support insoles especially for those that are very active.

+ Performance focussed
+ Strategically placed gel pads for impact control
+ Smooth and stable ride
+ Moisture-wicking for all-day comfort

Quite thick and may feel unusual in different shoe types

4. ViveSole PF Insoles

Now we have the firm Plantar Fasciitis (PF) insoles by ViveSole. These are podiatrist-designed insoles that are effective in the way they support the natural shape of your foot, and they are also a part of the ViveSole Plantar series.

They are biomechanically designed to relieve your worst foot pains and take the stress away from specific pressure points, thereby eliminating fatigue. The PF insoles also have great shock absorption qualities, with inserts including additional cushioning on the forefoot as well as the heel, and comfort padding on the arches.

Inside, it is constructed out of a lightweight durable foam that is able to retain its shape without flattening or bending easily, and lined with a soft, breathable material so your feet never feel overheated with these in place. On top of this, there is the 60-day Vive guarantee that comes with the purchase, which is an unconditional guarantee to return the insoles if you aren’t happy with them.

The only serious drawback that the PF insoles have is that they take up a lot of space in your shoe, meaning that in certain shoes they may not fit the absolute best. This is something to consider if you typically wear shoes that already feel tight.

+ Affordable
+ Great for high arches and plantar fasciitis
+ Durable, comfortable, and long-lasting
+ Money-back guarantee within 60 days

Bulky insole design makes it a hassle in smaller form-fitting shoes

5. New Balance 3810 Ultra Support

Next up is the 3810’s Ultra Support by New Balance, a fairly respected brand in the footwear and insole markets. Despite not being specifically marketed as inserts dedicated for high arches, they actually have a great amount of arch support, with a soft foam support system in the center of the insole that is fairly raised.

The 3810’s feature a deep heel cup that is great for those of you with high arches, as it keeps your foot firm and secure. They also consist of the ABZORBS Poron-urethane technology providing excellent comfort, and known to be durable and great for prolonged use. New Balance also implemented shockpads located at the base of the insole as well as the back, to provide better impact control for the ball of your foot and your heel.

The arch is shaped in a way that allows for great airflow throughout the insole, meaning you’ll have a far cooler foot than you normally would as warm air is regularly expelled. It, of course, has also been antimicrobial treated so on top of cool feet, you’ll be left with odorless feet and shoes.

The only major issues with this are the fact that the 3810’s are fairly bulky, so form-fitting shoes might feel a bit constricted, and if you have incredibly high arches, these may not feel rigid enough for the support you’ll need. Apart from this, they are a solid and affordable choice of shoe inserts for high arches all around.

+ Great arch support and airflow
+ Semi-rigid and shock absorbent 
+ Affordable

Bit bulky
Might not be rigid enough for some

6. Tread Labs STRIDE Insoles

These are the STRIDE insoles by Tread Labs, a premier insole company dedicated to foot comfort. They are great for high arches as they have a two-part design and replaceable top cover for continued use throughout the years.

The molded foot arch and heel cup are majorly supportive for those areas, and when you have high arches, you need that support. They are a perfect fit on most shoes and don’t have the high-volume, high profile you’d expect, so no worries there. These insoles, as they are molded, and not soft foam, offer more support and rigidity, helping better align your ankles and lower leg area.

If you prefer a firm feel, these are definitely for you. The replaceable top foam cover is also made of PU and long-lasting, as is the rest of the insole. So much so that Tread Labs has an unconditional warranty on the molded support system in case they lose shape.

If you have exceptionally high arches, fret not, because Tread Labs have designed even X-High options for you. They truly tried their best to think of everything you would want from a high arch insole and put it into a single sleek package.

Unfortunately, there are two standout issues with the STRIDE orthotic inserts. Firstly, they lack selection for wider-footed individuals, and secondly, there is a squeaky noise associated with them if the hard plastic heel isn’t completely snug in your shoe, which varies by shoe model typically. Regardless of these drawbacks, the Tread Labs STRIDE is a solid choice for high arch support insoles.

+ High quality and great design 
+ Features a slew of high-arch options
+ Deep heel cup for added support
+ Unconditional warranty

Lacking in wider-foot options
Squeaky noise when there is a spacing between heel cup and shoe

7. SuperFeet Orange Premium Insole

Similar to the Green, the Orange Premium insole is a part of the same line made by SuperFeet. The orange model measures 2 by 5 and is designed specifically for very high arches. These insoles are made similarly to the Green’s with high impact vegan foam with an odor-control coating.

It also has extra cushioning for superb shock absorption on the most rigid surfaces. They are also biomechanically shaped with a narrow heel and deep-heel cup to provide you with proper alignment and stability when in motion, with a reinforced sole to maintain shape and support even after prolonged use.

The Orange does have its share of issues, though. Because of its dimensions, the Orange typically works best with roomier footwear. As a result, it is recommended to wear larger, accommodating shoes with removable soles.

For some people, that is too much of a commitment to a sole when alternatives provide a similar feel for less work. If you are someone who doesn’t mind committing a bit more to have a better insole experience, though, there shouldn’t be an issue.

+ Great design specifically for high arches
+ High impact vegan foam with odor control
+ Deep heel cup and reinforced sole for firmness

Can be oppressive due to its size

8. Sof Sole Full Length High Arch Insole

The last of the Sof Sole lineup is the full-length High-Arches. These insoles have a targeted gel-drop located on the heel area, giving you a bit extra cushioning as well as stability, and a deep heel cup that prevents any slippage. They also have a nylon reinforced plate that enhances your anatomical alignment and overall performance.

The foam used throughout the insole is a high-rebound composition that is specially calibrated for your arches and promotes a clean stride that mediates pain and aches caused by misalignment. The full-length High Arches can be used for everyday support regardless of activity, so feel free to use them with confidence when you are walking, running, hiking, or working out in general.

These insoles, like anything else, aren’t perfect though. The Full Length’s, in particular, run a bit narrow for those of you with wider feet, and for some people, they have a trace of a chemical kind of odor, not necessarily foul-smelling, just unusual. With that being said, this full-length version of the Sof Sole orthotics for high arches is a solid choice.

+ Good support from gel drop and heel cup
+ Moisture-wicking design
+ Great for high arch support in intense activities

A bit narrow, if you have wider set feet
May have a slight chemical after-odor

9. PowerStep Pinnacle MAXX Insole

Last up we have the Pinnacle MAXX, from the Pinnacle line from Powerstep. These are covered in a 100% anti-microbial polyester outer with full-length total support being a key design goal. The MAXX has a firmer shell, angled exterior heel platform as well as deep heel cup, all culminating to make a very controlled and stable foot arch support.

There is a double layer EVA foam that is shock-absorbent, featuring Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT) to provide you with targeted and controlled cushioning without compromising support. These are podiatrist-recommended for alleviating foot pain for a variety of conditions including overpronation, plantar fasciitis, general pain and more.

They are also a pair of insoles that are easily transferred from one pair of shoes to another without any trim required, so they are great for a person who seeks versatility and has quite a few pairs of shoes in their wardrobe.

Unfortunately, for some people, the base of the MAXX insole can feel a bit too rigid over prolonged periods, and there seem to be issued with manufacturing where the top layer has been known to come apart from the core. While it isn’t an issue that requires replacement, it isn’t ideal in the least.

+ Sturdy arch support
+ Antimicrobial coating keeps feet cool and clean
+ Solid mold base for heel and arch pains 
+ Can be put in any shoe without trimming

Base might be too rigid to some
Top layer sometimes comes off after prolonged use


To conclude, having high arches can be a bit of a deterrent to physical activity and prolonged standing especially if you’ve given your feet a beating through the course of your life. But it isn’t the end of the world.

We have a whole host of insoles that help support your high arches in ways they need so that if you do experience pain, it will be mediated, and if you don’t, you won’t in the future either. These insoles are all safe choices to promote your overall foot health and live a better life, so pick the ones that match you best.


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