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11 Tips to Become a Better Runner Without Actually Running

Running is a general term. But did you know that world-renowned runners of today were not Supermen, or DC Comic’s “The Flash” back in the days? In other words, they all started from stage 1 by starting nice, smooth and slow and speeding things up little by little. Yes, sure that some of them may have been genetically gifted as fast runners (looking at you Usain Bolt), but you can’t just put your running shoes one day and call yourself a runner without following proper conditioning and procedures.

Well, you get the gist.

One might wonder how it could be possible for someone to run without actually running? It seems that the words are just being used interchangeably without the benefit of having it translated into reality.


Running on a Stationary Mode

How? This can be adequately illustrated by raising the left and right legs a few inches above the ground in jogging or running moves. However, none of either foot makes a forward step by taking the foot back to where it was before the knees bent. This will help you with endurance and stamina when you’re ready to go running outside.

Extra Tip: With the aid of a clock timer placed in front of you, this can be done gradually by increasing the number of minutes between laps depending on the strength and energy level of each individual.

Requirement: Running on a stationary mode produces the same effect as that of the actual running of kilometers from start to finish, which requires cushioned running shoes primarily designed for running.


Stationary Biking

stationary bike exercise

How? Sit down on the exercise bike and position your feet on the bike pedals. Pedal briefly and slowly to adjust your positioning. Once you’ve found your spot, sit straight and keep your shoulders squeezed down. Use the equipment’s control panel based on your preferences. The exercise bike is a great way to get your calves and quads ready for regular running.

Extra Tip: As much as possible, use proper gear such as padded bike shorts and padded gloves to protect you from possible injuries. This will also help you get comfortable while riding the bike for long stretches of time. Some people use leggings and attach cushion pads underneath to add extra style and glam while doing a workout. Who knows? High self-esteem and confidence could lead to high energy (wink!)

Requirement: It is essential to stay hydrated by drinking enough amounts of water during the workout session. Keep a bottle or two in the holder while you are at it.


Use a Running Machine

How? Make sure to bring and use your most comfortable running shoes. Step on the equipment after briefly warming up with some stretches and start to walk while swinging your arms at a balanced level slowly. Use the equipment’s control panel to control its speed according to your preference.

Extra Tip: Many people can attest that engaging yourself while walking on a running machine helps to ease the bore and increase your happy thoughts and productivity. You can engage yourself by:

  • Plugging your headphones into your ears and listening to your favorite music genre. This will take your mind off the physical exertion.
  • Positioning your running machine at a location facing a beautiful scenery or any view that you are most comfortable with.
  • Watching your favorite variety show while walking or running on the machine. This will distract your mind from the tiredness of your legs.
  • Working out with your SO or with a friend or family member. A workout partner can not only bring out the competitive nature in you, but it can also help each other achieve their fitness goals.

Requirement: Use the running machine responsibly, wisely and appropriately. Do not strain nor pressure yourself as this may cause personal injury if not used properly.


Join a Yoga Class

Woman doing yoga stretches

How? Find yourself the most comfortable yoga classes nearby either on Google or through local ads. Select your best options and narrow down your list to one or two final choices. If possible, try to request a viewing or trial at these place. And finally, register in the class personally, or you can also register online if that’s available.

Extra Tip: Yoga classes have been one of the most popular and most sought-after methods nowadays to achieving a healthy mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. It has been a trend that people of all ages can try. Though it is good to get involved in a yoga class, it would be best to study and research yoga’s health benefits and procedures before actually enrolling yourself to see if it suits your needs and taste. Viewing videos online might also help.

Requirement: Literal flexibility is not a requirement, but trying not to overdo it is. Do not push yourself too hard in getting very flexible just because others are or because that’s what we mostly see in Youtube videos.


Learn How to Balance

balance and stretching exercise

How? Practice standing on the ground using one leg. Find your balance and control. Repeat the process a few times. Balance contributes to good posture, and good posture is critical while running long distances.

Extra Tip: Once you have mastered the art of balancing, do this routine each time before you run. Combine it with quad stretches for a one-two punch.


Practice on Increasing Strength

How? Target specific muscles. Overall strength is truly essential for runners. Develop strong core, glutes, and arms to help you with runs. Especially with longer ones.

Requirement: Avoid reaching the point of fatigue due to overworking yourself. Do not overdo it and increase your intensity gradually.


Hydrate Yourself

How? Discipline yourself to drink the required amount of water that a human body needs per day.

Extra Tip: Implement your own personal-use bottle and label the container with measurements of your target amount of water on top. This will motivate and push you to finish the required bottles of water per day.



How? Create a modified push-up position with elbows bent 90 degrees while both forearms rest on the floor. Your body must be in a straight line position with your elbows right underneath you. Hold for as long as you and repeat.

Extra Tip: Set a specific number of seconds to plank and use a timer to achieve your goal.


Use a Lacrosse Ball

Lacrosse ball massage

How? Use a hard rubber lacrosse ball for massage. Lie on top of it and roll over per your preference and make sure to target the sore and painful areas of your body. This is meant for conditioning your sore and tired muscles for quick recovery.

Extra Tip: Do this routine for 15 minutes after any intense activity for pain-free exercises.

Requirement: For non-experts, the lacrosse massage ball might be quite challenging to use. Avoid rolling excessively so as not to risk hitting yourself on the floor.



How? Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Tighten your stomach muscles, keep your back straight, and squat down till your thighs are 90-degrees with your knees. Hold for a few seconds and then return to a standing position. Merely repeat for three sets of ten reps each or as much as you are able to.

Extra Tip: To make it more convenient for you, place your hands on your hips while doing the squats. Experienced people also do squats while lifting weights. Try to consult with a trainer first before actually trying this method.

Requirement: Practice before adding in weights to avoid poor technique. This prevents the risk of injuring yourself, particularly from lower-back injuries.


Jump Ropes

How? Choose the right rope for you. Find a cable that reaches near your shoulders when it is folded in half. Stand up and step over the line and then use your hands to swing the rope over your head. Hop the rope when it’s nearly in front of you. Repeat the process.

Extra Tip: Jumping ropes can actually be fun. Try to experiment by creating tricks and unique techniques. You can devise one yourself like reversing the rope, doing a criss-cross or side swing, and combining other tricks, etc. You may also jump rope with your friends or family to add extra fun and challenge.

Requirement: According to studies, jump ropes are not advisable to people suffering from joint injuries and osteoarthritis. Specifically, people with bad knees can’t jump ropes regularly. Chances are, there are risks of falling and causing muscular imbalances that might cause pain in your legs and back. It is better to be sure and assess yourself first or seek the advice of a health expert or medical practitioner before engaging yourself with jumping ropes.





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