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11 Best Adidas Running Shoes: Reviewed for 2022

If you are here, you’ve probably joined the 80% of Americans who run to stay healthy or in shape. According to “The Benefits of Running,” a paper published by Elizabeth, running lowers blood pressure and boosts lung capacity.

However, if you need the best Adidas running shoes, you will have to look beyond the design and the price point.

But here’s the thing: Good Adidas running shoes should provide midsole foot cushioning, excellent arch support, and protect you from injuries. Most importantly, they should boost your athletic performance.

So how do you pick the best Adidas running shoe for long-distance or just daily running?

To help you make up your mind and invest in the right shoes, we decided to look at the 11 shoes from Adidas that we have tried in the past. In the article, you will learn why we picked each one of them, what we saw outstanding in each shoe and the caveat. Okay, let’s dive right in.

Review of the Top 11 Adidas Running Shoe 

1. Adidas Ultraboost 19

If there’s one thing we know about the Adidas Ultraboost 19 is that it went on to become the best-selling running shoe in its category. The shoe rode on that success because the heel fit is comfortable; it is easier for a runner to slide in, and the improved outsole grip.

Due to those reasons, it is easier to think that Adidas Ultraboost 19 is more of a lifestyle than a performance running shoe. This shoe will fulfill an athlete’s needs because it has a raised heel of 29mm and 19mm forefoot. That is important because it gives an energetic feel when you are running and helps propel you forward.

The midsole of this shoe deserves mention because it has Adidas’ proprietary Boost technology with superior cushioning. This midsole is so well-cushioned compared to any other running shoe for that matter. Most of the Boost is under the heel and midfoot area to give your feet a plush feel, which leads to a soft sink-in experience.

Unlike anything we have seen before, we’ve concluded that the Ultraboost is perfect for a daily trainer because they are easy on the feet and you can run long-distances with it.

+ Primeknit upper reduces pressure points
+ Superior traction from the Continental rubber outsole
+ High-volume midsole offers superior cushioning
+ Doubles as lifestyle wear

Expensive price-tag 
While midsole gets dirty easily

2. Adidas Cloudfoam Race

Comfort is the name that describes the New Cloudfoam Race for some reason. You will see it from the way the upper has been knitted with no traditional tongue. That is why this shoe is popular among many runners.

The well-constructed sophisticated design makes the New Cloudfoam race versatile to be used in all kinds of outdoor and indoor running. The Knit upper is a big plus because it improves comfort and air circulation.

When you’re running out there, the last thing you want is a shoe that is uncomfortable and sweaty. This oftentimes can hamper performance. In other words, the Adidas New Cloudfoam Race helps athletes achieve comfort and breathability while maintaining superior levels of cushioning.

What caught our attention is the Cloudfoam cushioning technology on this shoe, which adds an extra layer of comfort. That said, if you are an athlete who has had injuries on your feet a couple of times, you will enjoy using this shoe. Second, is the support you receive on this shoe. To achieve that, the company used the gummy style white rubber sole and Adidas Boost Technology. That said, you are likely to feel excellent support on your heels, arches, and feet.

+ Unique and comfortable textile lining
+ Slick outsole with grooves to provide traction
+ Ideal shoe for heavy people
+ Stylish colorways

Lacks ankle support
Laces can be a bit short 

3. Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX

It’s no secret that the success of any good athletic shoes depends on the outsole. Adidas made this shoe challenge its competitors by making sure it has a solid outsole made of the proprietary Traxion rubber. Elite outdoorsy types know this material for its excellent grip that is superior in holding up to all weather conditions or temperatures.

The great thing about the Traxion material is that it’s impervious to extreme weather climate. Due to that, most runners find the shoe to be resistant to weather changes. If you are familiar with Gore-tex technology, then you know that it makes the shoe breathable while remaining water-proof at the same time.

Best of all, it ensures the shoe gives you comfort without adding extra weight. Air circulation is essential for athletes because when they run, they experience high foot temperatures. Well, the shoe has excellent air circulation no doubt.

The Terrex is a well-crafted shoe that is durable enough to take a serious beating. What’s more, it’s watertight upper ensures your safety in wet weather. If you are a serious hiker, these are some of the best Adidas running shoes in terms of outdoor durability and longevity.

+ Gore-Tex technology which increases air circulation in the foot  area
+ Crafted shoe to match the needs of hikers and runners
+ Traxion rubber that provides grip and adds an extra layer of protection to the foot.
+ High-abrasion mesh

The shoe is stiff and rigid on first use

4. Adidas Adizero Tempo 9

The Adidas Adizero tempo made it to our list because of its combination of minimal design and cushioning ability. The shoe comes in a distinctive look and modern design to tackle rough roads and track. Adidas backs up these claims with excellent traction and unique technology they have incorporated in these shoes.

The midsole of the Adidas Adizero tempo is the Boost™ foam technology. The technology is a result of the amalgamation of many TPU pellets. The result of this is a shoe that is springy and responsive on your foot. This shoe also corrects mild overpronation thanks to the Dual Density Boost unit that is underneath the foam on the medial side. The purpose of Dual Density midsole is to serve as a foundation on the foot, support the arch, and prevent it from collapsing when you are running.

The outsole features Continental™ Rubber to provide the shoe with durable protection. This makes the shoe suitable for long-distance running. With its subtle gripping lugs, the shoe grips the ground effortlessly. The stretch web proprietary outsole design evokes a webbed visual output. On the outsole, you will see the shallow tread and grooves which encourages flexibility and natural foot movement.

If you have ever worn Adidas’s Supernova, then you will feel at home wearing the Adidas Adizero Tempo. The only difference is the slight changes in the midsole and the heel collar. The only challenge we see with this shoe is, the forefoot area is a bit narrow and the shoe size may not fit all kinds of runners. Hence, we recommend getting half a size bigger.

+ Thin and soft tongue
+ Large EVA lining  to provide reliable support
+ Tight construction ideal for racing
+ Streamlined design
+ Excellent cushion
+ Lightweight

Runs half a size small
Narrow forefoot area

5. Adidas Solar Boost 19

The comfortable interior will make you not to think twice about this shoe. It’s well-cushioned and feels light on your feet. The padding on the heel collar, the tongue, and together with the Boost, your feet will be soft and plush to tackle long distances.

Stability and traction are two things most runners think about when choosing running shoes. The good news is, the broader outsole of these shoes features Continental rubber used as an external pad. Continental rubber is a material used to make vehicle tires. What that means is, durability, traction, and movement control  are the main results of this technology. Adidas also used the ARAMIS technology, so the upper moves naturally with the rest of your feet, rendering the shoes feeling like an extension of your legs.

The midsole consists of their proprietary boost technology. This midsole makes the shoe responsive and springy and give every stride a noticeable “bounce”. Solar Propulsion Rails are also present on the midsole to lock the foot in place and keep it at the center. The rails make the shoe stabilize to avert midfoot bucking when you are running.

Between the midsole and outsole, there is a Torsion System layer which bolsters structural integrity and keeps the shoe’s form for a long time to come. There are only two limitations with these shoes though. Firstly, The upper looks frayed after a few weeks especially if you’re using these as daily runners. Secondly, the while Boost midsole gets dirty very quickly, so you’d need to maintain it regularly.

+ Smooth and stable ride
+ Superior traction and grip
+ ARAMIS technology promotes sock-like feel
+ Secure and lightweight fit

The upper frays easily
Midsole gets dirty quickly

6. Adidas Solar Glide 19

The Solar Glide 19 is a stylish pair of shoes that you can wear to the mall just as effectively as you can for a run. But that’s not all. We love the casual looking upper, which makes them unique shoes for daily running. For this latest iteration of the Solar Glide 19, Adidas has included an improved upper mesh with a haptic print overlay that keeps your feet snug while running.

Adidas solar glide 19 utilizes the boost technology in the midsole. With this technology,  the shoe absorbs shock as the midsole layer compresses well under pressure. The result of all this is the high energy return and additional cushioning to boost the comfort of your feet.

For extra support and stability, the technology works together with the Solar Propulsion Rail to improve the foot’s stability during runs. When it comes to smooth and swift transitions, the shoe has the Torsion System which allows for optimum toe-off and landing while remaining extremely flexible and agile.

The outsole comprises of continental rubber in a stretchweb pattern to protect the shoe from abrasive elements while running. Best of all, the outsole has excellent traction on different weather conditions – wet or dry. The ultimate goal of this technology is to make your feet adapt to each stride, so you have smooth running experience.

If you’ve always wanted a casual running shoe from Adidas, the Solar Glide 19 is the one. When we put looks aside, you’ll notice that there’s incredible function behind the design of this shoe. For that reason, this is a great shoe for someone to party as hard as they run! The only two drawbacks of this shoe that you need to tolerate are that the shoes do have the occasional heel-slippage when running long distances and the upper feel stiff at first and take some use to settle in.

+ Casual looking shoes
+ Stretchweb outsole is durable and grippy
+ Boost cushioning
+ Excellent traction for roads, treadmill, and light trail

The upper is stiff at first
Occasional heel slippage while running

7. Adidas Energy Boost 3

One thing that an athlete has to pay attention to when shopping for a running shoe is the outsole.  The outsole of the Adidas Energy Boost 3 absorbs impacts, handles a variety of terrain, and protects your feet from soreness.

But perhaps what you will like about the Energy Boost is the grid-like waffle patterns that hold small rocks so you can run comfortably. The perfect word to describe the shoe will be stretchy and adaptive since they create a smooth transition when your feet hit the ground.

Let’s talk about the midsole. You’ll find that it is a full-length thermoplastic polyurethane foam, which is a challenge to the manufacturer. The TPU form is more comfortable than the EVA foam. On breathability, the Adidas did an excellent job by combining the cushioning platform with 4-way mesh upper circumvents. That way, your feet remain dry and comfortable when running.

The biggest selling point of this running shoe is the  BOOST midsole. There’s a lot of BOOSTy bouncy cushions. That said, if you are an athlete looking for super comfortable shoes, the Energy Boost will foot the bill. Look at this shoe like an inspiration from the  Adidas Samba soccer shoes.

+ TPU foam integration with an eternal heel to promote natural movement of the feet
+ Excellent aeration to keep your feet dry and comfortable
+ Excellent arch support
+ Springy and stiff
+ 32 mm in heel

At only 12 oz. we wouldn’t consider the Adidas Energy Boost 3 light. It’s heavy.

8. Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

To many athletes, this shoe comes with a lot of deja vu because it accommodates many different types of feet. The outsole of the shoe is durable and indestructible. Made of continental rubber to absorb shock with each step you make on the ground.

The upper layer and inner lining of the shoes feature a network of yarns. In other words, it has more mesh than the Glide Boost 7. The midsole of the shoe has Boost Technology, which provides the additional bounce, which allows the runner to speed up fast and hard. Well, that explains why most runners say that Adidas shoes speed up their running.

The upper material is light and has mesh material to allow for excellent ventilation on the feet. It is impossible to talk about Boost technology without a quick response. With this technology, you will experience a quick bounce, which leads to fast runs. Even Adidas itself claims that technology gives you the energy to run faster than your competitors.

The level of grip and traction of this shoe is on another level that allows the runner to feel they are under control in all-weather conditions. As a runner, you will need a shoe that has an excellent amount of ridges and grooves, so you avoid slipping. And the Supernova Glide Boost 8 has proved countless times to be that shoe.

+ Quick responsive Boost technology.
+ Comfortable shoes for runners of different types of feet
+ Continental rubber outsole to enhance its durability and performance
+ Roomy toe box
+ Well cupped and thick flavor
+ Soft mesh

There’s little arch support on this shoe

9. Adidas Solar Drive 19

One of the best things about Adidas solar drive 19 is the EVA covered Boost midsole, which improves the quality of running. If you have used the Supernova Glide 8 and the Solar Drive shoe, you will notice the ride to be firm and responsive in the Solar Drive. It is a wonderful thing to praise the company for that improvement.

You will also like the Solar Drive’s cushioning and responsiveness. It makes the ride feel soft and the transitions to feel smooth, thanks to the EVA top-layer. The BOOST technology on this shoe comes with plenty of cushioning. Although the EVA insole is thin, you will still feel the softness instead of the firm EVA top-sheet.

The upper part of this shoe has an engineered mesh material to promote air circulation. The mesh material used is thicker but works well to ensure you are running comfortably in both hot and cold temperatures. In terms of comfort, we think Adidas did an average job on this part.

The shoe misses the mark on a few things. We feel that the shoe is similar to Solar Glide, and this is just a budget version. Honestly, we will be doing you a great disservice if we recommend this shoe.

+ The tongue is tough
+ Great look and design
+ EVA covered BOOST midsole
+ Versatile shoes
+ Fairly priced
+ Secure fit and responsiveness

The outsole of this shoe is a carbon rubber. It’s not Contineralt like other Adidas models.
Flared heel notch

10. Adidas AlphaBounce

What sets this shoe apart from other models is the incorporation of the TPU heel clip and wide midsole. What that means is, you will have stability when making quick cuts, balancing, and doing the lateral movement. But there’s more. You will also have superior traction on all surfaces, thanks to the Continental rubber tread.

Due to the aesthetic features of shoes, you can wear them anytime you feel like it. In making the outsole of this shoe, Adidas used Adiwear Technology. That’s why this shoe is a bit versatile.

What’s more, Adiwear material on this shoe resists water. But what we found irresistible is the shoe has excellent thread patterns, which aids traction and grip. When you observe the midsole, you will notice the bounce technology. The bounce is firm, which makes the shoe excellent for short-distance running.

Besides being a running shoe, this one can be used for various activities like hiking or gym because it is versatile. The shoe aesthetic design is pleasing and attractive for runners who want to look stylish.

+ Adiwear Technology
+ TPU heel clip and wide sole
+ Perfect thread patterns to enhance traction and grip
+ Excellent color schemes
+ Bounce technology in the midsole to support the runner’s feet
+ FORGEDMESH technology

Shoes don’t provide much ankle support
Large collar on the shoe than normal

11. Adidas Duramo 9

Many newbie runners struggle with picking their first pair of shoes. Well, worry no more because the Adidas Duramo 9 is the shoe for you. It was designed to meet the needs of starting athletics.

Beginning athletics will find the Cloudfoam technology on this shoe to be pillow-soft. What that means is, the shoe provides one with ultra comfort when running. Best of all, the shoe is also responsive to absorb impacts when one is running.

The second observation we made is the upper part of the shoe. It has enough room to allow your toes to move freely when you run. Besides that, the shoe protects your ankles with soft padding.

This is a mid-grade running shoe because it has no impressive features. While we will admit it is comfortable and durable, the only problem we have is the eyelets. The best person who will benefit from this shoe is the beginning runner.

+ Affordable shoes for beginning athletics
+ Excellent lacing and midfoot lockdown system
+ Cloudfoam technology in the midsole
+ Light
+ Ample cushioning
+ Heel and mid-sole cushioning rebounds well

The  shoes have eyelets
Less grip

Tips on How to Pick the Best Adidas Running Shoes

Whether your goal is to sprint a marathon or keeping fit, you need to invest in top Adidas running shoes. The shoes you buy have to meet certain criteria for them to be worth your money. In this short buying guide, we share with you what we think are factors you need to pay attention to when selecting a running shoe.

Midsole Foot Cushioning

According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, cushioning protects runners from occasional injuries. Besides that, it will reduce the stress on the heel, ankle, and toes encountered by the running athletics.

In other words, cushioning makes the running activities more comfortable and safe for athletics and casual runners. That said, if you are looking for running shoes, make sure that it has enough cushioning in the midsole. If you are a heavier runner, you need more cushion to prevent shock absorption.

Arch Support

If you are a runner with flat feet, you will want a running shoe with excellent arch support. The arch support that comes with most running shoes will benefit most athletics. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, runners who have flat feet need first to consult a doctor or exercise physiologist before they buy their first running shoes. It is not only flat-footed athletes that benefit from arch stability, even those people who have high arches.

Injury Prevention

An excellent running shoe should protect one from certain types of injuries. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, shoes with midsole cushioning and superior arch support can protect one from injuries such as tendonitis, stress fractures, and joint support. If you are a runner who is used to barefoot running, you won’t protect yourself from cuts and scrapes. That said, the outsole of the shoe should reduce the feet injury.

Boost Athletic Performance

If you have used different running shoes in the past, chances are you have experienced athletic improvements. According to the American Council on Exercise, the improved performance is because of factors such as increased comfort and running capacity. That is why competitive runners see results faster than those who do not use running shoes. Even if you are not into marathons, you can still use them as a casual runner.


All of these shoes have performance technology called Boost. Boost is a revolutionary cushioning tech that delivers the highest energy return on Adidas running shoes.  The technology comes from thousands of formulated foam pellets known as “energy capsules.” With Boost, one is likely to feel soft on their feet while the midsole is responsive. This midsole material is highly-rated by most athletes because it stays uncompressed for a long time. Best of all, Boost allows an athlete to run fast and hard.


Breathability is one of the factors that aspiring athletes look for when they are shopping for running shoes. That’s because moisture in your shoes causes hot spots and blisters. It can disrupt a runner or make them uncomfortable which will hinder their performance. For that reason, Adidas shoes are breathable to keep your feet dry in your runs. In fact, most of them are light and allow air circulation, while at the same time enhancing durability.

So how do you know a shoe is breathable? Most of them will have wire mesh material at the upper or sideways. Some will have stripes that will allow air in and out. Most of the shoes we have reviewed here have excellent air circulation.

Categories of Running Shoes

Running shoes are classified according to different categories that largely depend on their pronation. Pronation is how much the arch collapses when one runs. Pronation is the natural way of your feet, absorbing shock from the surface when you run. Pronation is a good thing, but not when athletics pronate too much. What that means is, having a flat arch and foot rolls inward when one is running. Other athletics may not pronate enough.

Cushioned Running Shoes-This kind of shoes is great for athletes who don’t have enough pronation. The midsole of this shoe is soft to absorb shock. This kind of shoe is common in the marketplace.

Stability Running Shoes- If you are a runner who pronates excessively with your arch almost collapsing, this is the shoe for you. The shoe ensures you have support on your feet so you can deal with gait line when running. This kind of shoe will have a dual-density foam to prevent your ankle from collapsing.

Minimalist Running Shoes- these are lightweight shoes with little to no cushioning or stability. There’s 0mm drop between the heel and the toe while their shape looks similar to barefoot.

So far, no research has been made to find out which category of shoes is the best for runners. But if there’s one thing the running community agrees with is minimalist running shoes are tough on your feet, especially if you try them in the beginning. 

The bottom line is, choose a cushioned running shoe for high arches and stability for low to flat arches. As you do, pay attention to how your body and feet respond to shoes. 

Recommended Suggestions on Finding the Right Fitting Running Shoe

  • When buying running shoes, you need to buy them in the evening or in the afternoon. During that time, your feet are largest, and it increases your chances of getting the right fit.
  • Never buy a shoe with a slipping heel. The shoe should never be too small and if your heel keeps slipping. You need to lace up well or choose a different running shoe.
  • When shopping for running shoes, wear the same socks you will wear when running. Ensure you leave half a centimeter or a little space at the end of the shoe. Your feet will swell when you are exercising, and shoes that feel good at the shop will be small when you run.
  • Ensure the laces are tight so the shoe won’t wobble but not too tight to prevent breathability.
  • The breathability of the shoe needs to match the weather you are running in. A shoe with an open mesh design will cool your feet in hot weather. But it is not advisable to have open mesh shoes during cold winter mornings.
  • To check the support of the shoe, you need to bend to ensure it is not that flexible because it can indicate less support.


There you have it! A list of what we think are the best Adidas running shoes. Now is the time for you to figure out what your ultimate goal is, whether you are a casual runner or an athlete. Best of all, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve with your running shoes? Are you going for short runs or long runs? Next, you also have to figure out the type of feet you have. When you have answers to these questions, you will invest in the all-white Adidas running shoes.